“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers--strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.” ― Barbara Katz Rothman

MommyShape Prenatal Complete 3-in-1 DVD



MommyShape Prenatal Complete is more than just prenatal fitness; it is a complete mind and body program that will prepare you for your labor, delivery, and recovery.  Create your own prenatal fitness program using the 6 unique workout selections contained in this DVD.

Dr. Diane Angela Fong, naturopathic doctor, UC Berkeley-trained professional dancer, instructor, and certified pre/postnatal exercise specialist, combines her unique background in yoga, dance, and fitness to bring you this complete prenatal exercise and childbirth preparation 3-in-1 sculpting, dance, and yoga program.
 Designed for all levels of fitness and each stage of pregnancy, exercises are doctor approved and follow the guidelines set forth by the ACOG.  Includes sculpting, dance, yoga, breathing, and relaxation techniques all in one DVD.... everything you will need to have the birth, baby, and  body you have always dreamed of.

Whether you are a beginning, intermediate, or advanced exerciser, prefer a sculpting, dance, or yoga-based routine, or are in your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd trimester, with MommyShape Prenatal Complete, you have the freedom to customize your own fitness program using the six workout selections included in this single DVD.  Join 35-week pregnant, Diane Angela Fong, as she leads you towards a healthy pregnancy, an easier delivery, and a quicker recovery!

Congratulations, mommy!


MommyShape Complete (50:01)

Get the complete prenatal workout!  Includes Warm Up, Cool Down, and selected exercises from MommyShape Sculpt & Stretch, Dance it Out!, and Yoga & Relaxation.


Create Your Own Workout!
Mix and match these workouts to fit your fitness level, exercising style, and stage of pregnancy.

                     Warm Up (9:01)       
                     Ease your pregnant body with these gentle warm-up exercises.

                    Sculpt & Stretch (18:47)  

                    Tone, strengthen, & stretch your muscles to support your changing body
                    with these sculpting and stretching exercises

                    Dance it Out! (11:38)         

                    Get your groove on with this dance workout, incorporating Hawaiian, Latin,
                    modern, and African inspired dance moves.

                    Yoga & Relaxation (18:27) 

                    Center your mind and reconnect to your body with these essential prenatal
                    yoga poses.

                    Cool Down (11:34) 

                    Give your mind & body what it deserves.  Pamper yourself with stretching,
                    breathing, self-massage, and an exercise in guided total body relaxation.

Exercises are physician approved and follow the guidelines set forth by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  Includes modifications for all levels of fitness and each stage of pregnancy, making it easy for beginners and challenging for advanced exercisers.  Beginners should start off with Warm Up and Cool Down and work themselves up to the other sections.

**Consult your doctor before beginning this exercise program.

** Perfect for Postnatal Mommies too!  Check back on this website for supplemental postnatal exercises you can add to the MommyShape Prenatal Complete Program for use after your delivery!